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Running is an incredible activity for burning calories and general overall fitness. I definitely recommend running or even jogging at least 3 days a week. I am an avid runner and I have to admit, it can be extremely boring and when you're out on a long run with nothing but you the road and your thoughts, it can drive you crazy.

There are many different types of headphones that are designed for being used during physical activity. Many physically active people have gone through set after set of headphones and wasted hundreds of dollar on headphones that just do not work for running. The Adidas PMX 680 Sports Earbud Headphones have a five out of five customer rating and are considered the best headphones for runners.

The earphones that come with your mp3 player may or may not be sufficient for your needs. Depending on how sensitive your ear is will depend on whether the stock earbuds are adequate. Some people cannot hear a lot of difference in stock earphones and the better aftermarket varieties. One thing is for sure; a lot of people will want to upgrade their headset for a better sounding pair.

The sealed headphones are those heavy clunky headphones that you think of when you picture studio musicians and stereo sets from the '70's. These are great if you want to isolate out any exterior noises. Not only will they not let outside noise in, they will keep whatever you are playing from getting out, so if you are using them at work and want to crank the tunes without bothering your officemate, then these might be a good choice.

My two personal favorites, particularly in the affordable price of about $40 are the Motorola S9 and the Arriva Cordless iPod Shuffle Headphones. One downside of the Motorola is that they are proven not to be very water-resistant, so if you run in wet weather or your earbuds tend to get soaked from perspiration; these eventually be rendered inoperable, based on multiple user experiences.

Many branded headphones are available which can fulfill all your requirements. One of the headphones that have five star rating and is also considered as the best is Adidas PMX 680 Sports ear bud. It just fits you well and provides you with required comfort. One can achieve high sound quality with the help of high output drivers. You can have easy access to volume control as cable is equipped with a high quality sound quality device.

What you have to look for when you are choosing a quality pair of running headphones is not just sound, but durability and especially comfort. The best headphones for running have to fit your ear nicely, and not fall out in the middle of running. Good running headphones have to have a long cord for tall people, long enough to not have any tension from your pocket. They have to be able to handle sweat, and best of all they need to have good bass sound!

Some people just have to have the best sound quality while they workout in order to stay in the zone. Things like a good bass boost will help to propel people to do their best. If you're concerned about sound quality in your workout headphones, be prepared to spend a couple of extra bucks as they tend to be expensive.
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Best Headphones For Running

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This article was published on 2010/09/30