Bluetooth Headphones - Say Goodbye to Wires

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If you have never tried a set of Bluetooth headphones before you are in a for a treat! They are pretty much the most stylish and definitely the coolest kind of stereo headphones on the market today! What makes Bluetooth headphones so much better than traditional headphones you may ask?

The first thing that makes Bluetooth headphones so much better than traditional headphones is that you eliminate the wires. Most people love to listen to music on their iPod or Zune while working out and exercising. The most common discomfort with traditional headphones is always having that stupid wire hitting you in rhythm during your exercises, not to mention the creative things you have to do to try and make the wire weave in and out of your clothes. Bluetooth headphones are excellent because they have a small transmitter that plugs into our iPod or any other type of audio source and wallah, that's it! Not having wires makes it even easier to accomplish exercises such as lifting weights, doing yoga, or performing Pilate's without having to worry about getting tangled up in your traditional headphone's wiring.

Another really nice feature of most stereo Bluetooth headphones is that they add extra functionality to your music listening device. Often when i work out i usually put my iPod on shuffle. Occasionally a song comes on that does not fit my mood and i want to change it. If i have been working up a sweat it is really hard to slide that iPod dial to change the song. With Bluetooth headphones this problem of changing songs or adjusting volume is over. Most headphones have volume buttons and track change buttons right on the ear piece. This means that you can be right in the middle of running or doing some sort of exercise and just quickly change the song with the push of a button on your ear. Not only do these headphones give you easier functionality of your listening device, but most of them are sweat and water proof.

Bluetooth headphones are truly the new headphones of the future because you can charge them up using any USB device such as a computer, or laptop. They charge very fast and have a long lasting battery life that will allow to to rock out to your favorite toons at any time. Please check out our other articles to learn even more about these amazing headphones.

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Bluetooth Headphones - Say Goodbye to Wires

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This article was published on 2010/04/01