Exploring the Top Four Most Popular Shure Headphone Models

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There is little, if any, contention about the fact that Shure Headphones are among the most popular in that class of devices. As it turns out, one of the features that has made Shure headphones so popular with users is the fact that their maker has tended to produce different models with rather different features tailored to meet a specific needs among users, and actually targeted at a specific group of users.

Take, for instance, the model of Shure Headphones called SE110. The distinguishing feature of the Headphones Model SE110, as it turns out, is their sounding balancing capabilities imbued in the model's micro-speaker; making them ideal for among other applications, listening to high-bass music; where the balance of an headphones' micro-speakers can make the difference between having a brilliant and having an awful listening experience.

Then there is the Headphones model called SE210, whose defining feature is its Hi-Def Micro-speaker functionality. The Hi-Def micro-speaker functionality of the SE210 Shure Headphone set makes it the ideal device for use in listening applications where clarity of sound (which is what the Hi-Definition Micro-speakers emphasize) is of greatest attraction. Thing is, with SE210 High Definition Shure Headphones, no sound gets lost on account of the audio-range it happens to fall in; a remarkable feature since we have seen headphone sets that are only equipped to deal with a small audio range, so that any sound that falls out their range, however important, simply gets discarded.

Moving further inside the Headphones family, we get to encounter the Shure Headphones model called SE 310. The defining features of this headphone set include further enhanced High Definition Micro-speaker functionality, and advanced bass features. Obviously then, these enhanced High-Def and Bass features make the Headphones Model SE 310 the ideal listening equipment in high bass applications, where a wide audio range is also to be expected, and where having any sounds in the audio range omitted would badly compromise the listening experience of the user.

Further into the Shure Headphones family, we find the Shure Headphones SE 420, whose defining features include dual Micro-speaker functionality, as well as the fact that it comes with dedicated parts to produce the 'Woofer' and 'Twitter' effects. The Dual Micro-speaker functionality manifests as enhanced sound isolation for the user, so that the user can actually get to clearly hear the low and high sounds in the listening application they happen to be having. The fact that the makers of Headphones are able to incorporate all this functionality in a device of this size is in itself quite a wonder - and one would dispute that the SE 420 headphones' woofer and twitter functionality, until you get to clearly hear it when using the headphones!

For the more aesthetically inclined, all the Shure Headphones models described, from Headphones Model 110 to Shure Headphones Models 210, 310 and 420, there is an option of going for the white headphones of any of the models discussed.

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Exploring the Top Four Most Popular Shure Headphone Models

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This article was published on 2010/03/26