How Dangerous Is It To Listen To Music While Jogging?

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Music is the best companion you can get when you are jogging. Whenever I jog I always tune in to my favorite music headphones and enjoy a 'me' time. This is the only way I keep myself sane throughout my heavy schedule. But before I recommend this ritual to all of you, there are some dangers to jogging with headphones and I have listed them below so that you will be able avoid getting potentially hurt.

Accidents have happened to joggers, like bumping into cars or hitting themselves against walls and posts because they were busy tuning into their favorite tunes. These kinds of accidents can be avoided if you have a remote control iPod. It will give you the flexibility to control your music and also will not get in the way of your exercise.

Another very common danger to jogging with headphones is the damage they cause to your ears. A lot of people turn up the volume of their headphones in an attempt to totally cancel the noise around them. This poses great danger to your eardrums and damages your hearing ability. Creating your own space in a noisy park is ideal but you don't necessarily have to turn it into a nightclub! It will not only damage your ears but also disturb your peace of mind.

When you listen to great music while jogging, you can easily get carried away. A lot of times you tend to lose yourself in the music. When this happens you tend to lose consciousness of your immediate surroundings and may not be aware of strangers following you. To keep you safe try to jog in safe areas where people are around.

There you go, a few tips for you so you can still tune in to music on your favorite headphones and avoid accidents!

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How Dangerous Is It To Listen To Music While Jogging?

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This article was published on 2010/11/15