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In-ear Headphones

Earbuds rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal. They are generally inexpensive and are favored for their portability and convenience.

- Compact and lightweight
- Can provide moderate to excellent isolation from external noise.
- Inexpensive and portable

MyMemory Recommends: Koss The PLUG


These full size headphones have a larger cup-shaped earpieces and rest on the outside of the ear and are often used for home TV, radio or Hi-Fi headphone listening.

Earpad headphones come in two varieties, closed black and open back. Closed back headphones isolate most external noise with an enclosed chamber. Open back headphones have earcups that are vented to the outside and are affected by ambient noise.

- Comfortable
- Less prone to overheating ears than full-size 'phones
- Some models fold up for easy transport.

MyMemory Recommends: Sennheiser HD205

Sports Headphones

Music is a great way to keep you going while exercising, but none of that matters if your headphones don't stay on your head! Sports headphones are great for running, jogging, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, skating and other energetic activities such as working out at the gym.

They generally come in two styles: standard vertical bands that arch over the head or horizontal designs that extend behind the head or neck. Most sports headphones are also damp proof which is great for dealing with all that sweat.

- Behind-the-neck designs won't interfere with your hairstyle or your hat
- Usually stay put during running or jogging.
- Damp proof

MyMemory Recommends: Sennheiser OMX70

Noise Cancelling

Noise-cancelling headphones are brilliant for noisy bus, train and plane journeys.
They prevent unwanted noise from getting to your ears by using small microphones to pick up ambient sound, then invert the phase to cancel the unwanted noise.
They tend to be good at eliminating unwanted low-frequency noise such as traffic.

These headphones are available in over-ear headphones and in-ear models.

- Great for blocking out background noise
- You can listen to music at lower levels as you'll no longer have turn up the volume to overcome background noise.

MyMemory Recommends: Shure SE210


Gaming headphones are a must have for avid gamers. Whether they're needed for online gaming or PC-centric Voice over IP (VoIP) services such as Skype, more and more business and entertainment applications require two-way communications. Headphones with a built-in microphone provide a brilliant solution.

- Single headset can provide headphone and microphone functionality
- No need for additional clutter of unreliable tabletop or speakerphone-style microphones.

MyMemory Recommends: Sennheiser PC156 USB


Wireless sets allow you to listen to TV, DVDs and music without being tied to your equipment. They use radio frequencies to transmit sound from their base station to your ears, which allow you to freely move around from room to room.

- No annoying wires allows you to listen to TV, DVDs, and music without being tied to your equipment
- Base stations often have extensive connectivity options
- Some models offer surround modes.

MyMemory Recommends: Sennheiser RS110

DJ and Studio

DJ/Studio Headphones are different to the usual headphones you would find on the high street and are an essential piece of kit for any DJ's and Sound Engineers.

They offer a high level of sound isolation, long term wearing comfort and impeccable sonic clarity which is of great importance to all DJ's or sound engineers working in noisy environments.

- Ideal for isolating sound in noisy environments
- Comfortable for long periods of use

MyMemory Recommends: Skullcandy Hesh

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Review on Headphones

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