Sennheiser RS 170 wireless headphones review

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Sennheiser’s RS 170 wireless headphones are now integrated with Kleer wireless technology. Using this technology, the RS 170s are possible to deliver uncompressed stereo sound and provide lossless CD-quality streaming audio. The audio quality of these wireless headphones is extremely excellent with warm tone and firm, punchy bass. Moreover, there is a “Multi-receiver” mode on the headphones, which allows two or more people using Sennheiser Kleer headphones to listen to the same audio source. Absolutely, users can easily listen to music and watch movie or TV along with their friends, family, and relatives. Besides, Sennheiser wireless headphones include a single NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) AAA battery in each earcup. This may be the minor drawback for the product. However, according to the manufacturer's claim, a fully charged set can deliver up to 24 hours of play time. So, the wireless headphones make a great choice for use at home.

Sennheiser’s RS 170 wireless headphones

The cushioned and comfortable earcups sit around your ears to seal out external noise. With a listening range of up to 260 feet, these RS 170 wireless headphones let you roam freely throughout your living area.
Sennheiser RS 170 headphones

The large black plastic transmitter also has a better range than Bluetooth – up to 80m, compared to 10m for Bluetooth.
Sennheiser RS 170

Sennheiser is a big name in the market with its RS series. These products are featured with powerful sound and Kleer technology.
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The power, Dynamic Bass Boost, tightly clustered volume up/down, and Surround Sound Simulator button arrangement along the bottom of the right earcup isn't ergonomically ideal.

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Sennheiser RS 170 wireless headphones review

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    Ash- 2012/11/12 18:45:30 pm

    I just bought one of these headphones from but honestly speaking mine is crap because it can receive a proper wireless signal and also the sound changes from best quality to worst

This article was published on 2012/10/01