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Bass headphones are a must-have for those of you who love music with the big, deep bass beats! Enjoy those bass beats up-close and personal, in a naturally clear way with these quality bass headphones that are showcased on this page.

Bass headphones make cool gifts for the music lovers in your life, too! Whether for Christmas or birthday, giving bass headphones to someone who loves music, will really mean a lot to them!
I like big bass and I cannot lie. The surging popularity of bass-heavy headphones, from Beats to Sol Republic have sent one message loud and clear: bass is king! This round up of the best bass-head headphones evaluates these headphones bass on how hard the bass hits. Not only that, but how the headphones handle other parts of the music as well. Sometimes bass heavy headphones will muffle the vocals, which can hurt the overall sound. It’s like listening to a song playing at a party next door. You want the best headphones that will give you an awesome sound and will able to rattle your bones with the bass.
We will separate the outstanding bass over-headphones from the pretenders.
1. Beats by dre studio headphones
You know the Beats by dre Studio. They're the headphones that kicked off the rest of the Beats by Dre product line, the ones you've seen on every other head on the street for the past couple of years now. The Beats Studio are the fruit of a long collaboration between the well-known cable and accessory maker, Monster, and the most well-known hip-hop producer, Dr. Dre. Advertised as the perfect mix between style, active noise cancellation and sound quality, are these really the ultimate cans for the discerning hip-hop fan? At first listen, it's obvious that the bass has really been emphasised. Now, you may be into that, but at this magnitude it contorts the sound so much that we can't help but have our doubts. Either way, with a spectrum that jumps to 7 dB all the way from 100 Hz to 600 Hz, you have to fear the worst. And that's exactly what you get: the mids are entirely submerged under a sea of bass and low-mids, and the highs are far above any level of decency, with a 10 dB(!) peak at around 8 kHz.The devices are available for $149 to $169 at
2.Street by 50 Headphones
Following in the tradition of the Beats headphones craze, these Street headphones manage to improve on the weaknesses of Beats and make for some truly durable and heavy-hitting headphones. As bass-heavy as Beats headphones are, the Street by 50 have more of a thump. Putting on the comfortable faux-leather memory foam earcups was like entering a club. The dark and bassy sound means that even poor quality tracks sound good. The noise isolation of the headphones is also top notch. The one problem is that noise bleeds out of your headphones. The headphones keep music out, but everyone around you can easily hear the music you’re listening to. If you’re commuting on a busy train or flight then this would be a concern. If you’re using them at home then it’s not a problem.
The best feature is the sturdy build quality. The super flexible polymer construction means it can bend like no other headphones I’ve tried. You can sit on them, throw them in your backpack and these headphones will come out fine. The only way you could break the headband is if you stood on them and twisted. They are that sturdy. price: $159.95
3.Skullcrushers Subwoofer Stereo Headphones 
The Skullcandy Skullcrushers Subwoofer Stereo Headphones in Black Pinstripe will literally pump the music right into your head! These power packing headphones feature an adjustable in-line bass amplifier and speakers with industry first built-in vibrating subwoofers. You can adjust the amount of bass effect with the in-line control wheel. The Crushers are ideal for MP3 Players, portable DVD, bass heavy music, and are the ultimate for any gamer.  Price: $169
4.Sennheiser Momentum
The Sennheiser Momentum have a lightweight stainless steel frame and sheepskin leather ear cups. They use fabric and synthetic leather foam pads that circle around your earlobes. There is also the cable featuring a three-button remote control for use with iPhones and iPods. Alongside the headphones, the Sennheiser Momentum package includes an excellent colour-matched semi-hard case, a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm jack and an additional headphone cable. The devices are available for $350.
5.Bose QuietComfort 15
The only pair in our roundup with active noise cancellation (and also the most expensive, coming in at $299) offer solid audio quality while also letting you focus on the music by eliminating outside noise. The closed back design keeps your music from leaking into your surroundings, but depending on the size of your ears, these could be considered circumaural or supra-aural (Bose says they're circumaural.) Either way, the earcups rest comfortably on your ears, even for long periods of wear, and the QuietComforts are popular with travelers and office workers alike. The QC15s come in a carrying case with removable cables for your music player and even your smartphone, and of course, when not in use you can keep them unplugged and use them just for noise cancellation. Bose touts the model as their best headphones, period, but it's also worth mentioning the QuietComfort 3s, which many of you also nominated despite their $349 price tag.
6. V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones
These headphones, when it comes to overall sound quality, are actually the best sounding headphones. They can handle almost every genre of music you can throw at them. They especially shine with electronica and other types of dance music. They also have a great sense of 3-d soundstage, which lends itself well to live music or watching movies. The reason that the V-Moda’s fall to number 3 on this list is that they don’t have the bone rattling bass that the above two headphones do. Don’t get me wrong: the bass is powerful. But not quite in the same league as the Street by 50 headphones.
The look and feel of these headphones is great. I love the steel plates on the outside that give it a techno-industrial feel. The detachable cloth-covered cables and hard-shell case are also very nice extras. price: $145.07
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Six Best Bass Headphones

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Six Best Bass Headphones

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